What Is Your Emergency?

What Is Your Emergency?

Posted: 11-Apr-2018

Have you ever had a business emergency? It's usually caused by the weather - Suzie can't get to work, Jamie has a flat tire, the customer delivery didn't get in as promised.

My wife has an Expressive personality so most of the time, "the sky is falling!!!" I'm more of a Driver personality so, "OK, I'll work harder and fix the problem."

Sometimes emergencies are things we can't prevent, but some emergencies can be and it just takes a little planning.

As a small business owner, one of the toughest parts of our work is planning - and it's usually the last thing we do. And that is even more the case when it comes to managing an ITEX account. Planning won't enable you to trade for a new car or the flat screen you want, but some ITEX planning can make it work more often than not.


  • What non-recurring purchases are you planning in the next 60-90 days i.e. building projects, office equipment needs, signage upgrades, maintenance needs?
  • What on-going expenses could be shifted to an ITEX vendor i.e. payroll or accounting services, printing needs, IT services?
  • What are your plans to incentivize the staff and strengthen the team i.e. cater a monthly luncheon? Have a year-end bonus program purchased with ITEX dollars?
  • How can you use ITEX to enhance your customer relationships i.e. flowers for an anniversary? A company newsletter produced by an ITEX vendor?
  • What ITEX sources can be tapped to increase market share or upsell your current customers?
  • How can you maximize the return on your ITEX relationships to increase your cash business?
  • Does the family need a vacation? Does the house need painting? Can you upgrade the floors?

Avoid the emergency in your business and spend five minutes every morning just planning.  And then use a little of this time to do some ITEX business planning. Plan the work and then work the plan, letting your Trade Director help put your plan into action

But if you do have a barter emergency, please contact us right away. We are here to help! It's just that simple :)


ITEX Barter Canada Team