Stuck in a Rut?

Stuck in a Rut?

Posted: 20-Mar-2018

Is your business in a rut? Same old thing, day in, day out.  Why do some business owners seem like they're continuing to grow or come up with new objectives and programs while others just stay in a rut? Consultants can give you some advice - and so can we!

Step 1: REVISIT YOUR GOALS. What do you want your business to look like in a year? In five?

Step 2: FIND A QUIET PLACE AND TIME to write out 10 options to grow your business

Step 3:  ASK FOR INPUT. Anonymous feedback may sting, but it might provide new insight.

Step 4: MAKE SMALL CHANGES, possibly to new vendors, hours, staff incentives, customer promotions, customer service upgrades, etc.

Step 5: TEST AND MEASURE EVERY CHANGE.  Did it have a positive, negative or neutral impact?  Important to know.

Step 6: GET RECOMMITTED. You built the business. Do it again. It's up to you.

Ok, have you ever been stuck in the Barter rut?  "I ask for a hotel in NYC over New Years and it never works!"  "I get my business cards printed through ITEX, that's all."  "There are only 2 or 3 things I can buy with ITEX dollars."

We call this Tunnel Vision and its critical that you recognize that there are thousands of things you can buy with ITEX.  One of the most common and irritating comments our Trade Directors hear from their members is this - "I didn't know I could buy that through ITEX!"  Just after they spend a boat load of cash on something!  Ask before you spend!

ITEX can give you advice too.  And keep in mind - we have a vested interest in making ITEX work for all of our members.  Here are some ideas to get you out of a Tunnel Vision rut, and remember, we're committed to help you.

Step 1: What did you originally want to accomplish with ITEX?  Revisit what your ITEX goals are and get your Trade Director working for you

Step 2: Consider every area of your expenses to see where ITEX might work. Business, personal, employees, family - it all works so GET OUT OF THE BOX!

Step 3: How are other companies in the same industry using their ITEX dollars?  Ask your Trade Director for insight about how similar businesses use ITEX.

Step 4: Make up a new wish list of at least 10 ideas for your Trade Director - monthly! In general we will have 2 - 3 immediately, 2 - 3 in a while, and 3 - 4 never.

Step 5: Get recommitted.  ITEX "works" for every type of business.  It WILL work for you, if you will invest the effort to learn how to make it so!

Keep asking. Some businesses use their ITEX dollars every day. It's up to you.  Being stuck in a rut is no fun, nor is it profitable.  Being stuck in an ITEX rut is no different, its not profitable for either of us and there is so much we can accomplish together!  For both your business or your ITEX program stay positive and stay active. It's the difference between succeeding and failing.


ITEX Barter Canada Team