Getting What You Want All The Time?

Getting What You Want All The Time?

Posted: 06-Apr-2018

"I can never get anything I want through ITEX."  "I can get exactly what I want every time through ITEX!"  Neither statement is actually true. Through the ITEX Marketplace over 23,000 members transact around $14 million every 4 weeks. There is always something available! But this isn't about them or what others are doing; it's about you. Here's an idea to ensure that you get what you want - all the time.

A basic idea of transacting through ITEX is that when you spend ITEX dollars you don't spend cash.  When you conserve your cash why not take some of the savings and bank it?  Then when something is needed that is not actually available from an ITEX member you can use your conserved cash to make the purchase.  You didn't buy it with ITEX dollars but you bought it because of your ITEX dollars!

Ha-Ha-Ha! Very funny! No, seriously. It's easy if you do a little at a time, like using a cookie jar to collect your spare change. Most of us aren't disciplined enough to do it but that doesn't mean it won't work!  Want some other ideas?  Here are some hints:

Give your Trade Director a new "wish list" every month.  If they know what you want they can hook you up much faster and more consistently.  If you give your TD a list of 10 random goods/services you need they will find 2 - 3 almost immediately, 2 - 3 within a few days or weeks and 3 - 4 probably can't be acquired from an ITEX member.

Give us a referral to meet your needs.  We will contact them to open an account to do business with you. You benefit two ways when they do!  First, you get to buy from them.  And then ITEX doesn't charge you the next 3 cash association fees!  You save $60 and are able to buy from the vendor you wanted.  Hum, sounds like a win - win - win to me! 

Allow your significant other to spend your ITEX dollars. Every time my wife spends an ITEX dollar I save a cash dollar.  Doesn't that make a lot of sense?  It does to me! 

Buy What's Available Today. Most goods and services can be purchased when needed, but not all them!  Many of our best offerings are limited by time or inventory so learning to take advantage now can save you big bucks and your time down the road. 

Be flexible. There aren't as many vendors in the ITEX system as there are in the  economy so the "immediate gratification" economy doesn't apply. You might have to drive a bit further, wait a little longer, or buy ahead of when you normally would.

Be creative. Support a local charity with ITEX dollars, use restaurant scrip to reward employees for great work, take a trip to a new location and make it an adventure. Maybe you can detail and fix the old car instead of buying a new one.

Spending ITEX dollars saves Cash - all the time. What are you waiting for?


ITEX Barter Canada Team