Do You Know A Guy?

Do You Know A Guy?

Posted: 17-Apr-2018

"I need a widget.  "OK, I know a guy."

Are you a resource when things need to get done?...

 Are you the one to call for almost anything?....  Most small business owners know what to do because you network with other small business owners.  Companies you've done business with, owners they've met, neighbors, vendors.  People you trust.  It is said that "knowledge is power".  We believe knowledge should be shared to enhance your business.

Do your customers ever come to you with something you can't do? Or a project that's out of the realm of your business?  Maybe they need counsel on an initiative they are considering?  Can you imagine the relationship you'll build with your customers when they become confident in using you as a source of information?  Not only about your products/services, but about other related and even unrelated products and services!  This extension of your ability to satisfy their needs can powerfully enhance future business your customer will do with you.


Like in the movie, "Miracle on 34th Street", when Gimbal's started referring shoppers to Macy's when they had a better gift item to meet the customer's needs. Satisfying the customer in any manner results is good business!

One of the key benefits of the ITEX Marketplace is that "We know a guy" that does almost everything.  We work hard at making ITEX the network that can serve as a one call resource for our members personal and business needs. Sometimes that might not even translate into an ITEX transaction, and we are ok with that.  Because our end game is to offer the best options we can to help you solve a problem and help al our members become more successful. 

Unlike many networking organizations, our business owner members WANT to do business with each other. And if they can't do something, they know someone that can. Create the same environment with your customers and the result can be enhanced long term relationships that make a business succeed. 

Help your business grow by helping your customers grow.

Help your business grow by helping your ITEX network grow.

By the way, "Do you know a guy?"


ITEX Barter Canada Team